Be Productive with Wunderlist

Being productive and keeping track of daily activities becomes difficult sometimes when we don’t have the right tool. So my quest begins for the best to-do app, and Wunderlist became my choice to manage my daily personal and official activities.

I have listed few objectives to evaluate the apps in this category.

  • Cross platform compatibility

The no one objective was to have cross-platform compatibility, I use Android, iOS, Mac and windows. And Wunderlist works on all the platform mentioned above.

  • Simple & Interactive User Interface

The user interface of this app is uniform throughout all platforms. Navigation is simple and interactive to be used on daily basis

  • Featured pack

In terms of feature, Wunderlist shines ahead of the competition. It’s free and still fully featured at the same time.

  1. Category Folder: Creating multiple folders allow me to manage tasks according to different categories such as office, personal shopping list etc.
  2. Subtasks, Notes, and Reminder: Subtask allows me to maintain activities with simplicity and avoids complexity. A reminder with a repeat cycle, which allows me to keep track of my payments dates to be on track. Finally, Notes allow me to keep track of all the details about activity, so I don’t have to dig into my e-mails and web every time.
  3. Sharing: Sharing is one of the features which didn’t come free with most apps in this category. But here it’s free and allows a great level of collaboration. Sharing is simple and it works. It allows a user to share the different task with team members.

A general user could do this & a lot more for free but there is always a pro user who needs more and Wunderlist provides that.



For me, Wunderlist is been best productivity app proven it’s usability over the time. It has all the right features at no cost and syncs with all my devices. That makes Wunderlist my goto app for productivity and I highly recommend this app for all users who are looking for best to-do app which can bring something new to the table.

By – Tushar Sawardekar


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