Night Street of Bangalore in 2014

It had been long since I have been on street for a photo walk. I was not doing enough… call it my work, busy schedule or new responsibilities.

It was another business tour Bangaloreore. I wanted to see whatever possible as i was first time in bangalore. But my fortune was not with me as i was busy all day long either in travel or in presentation.

On last day of my stay, after my work i decided to walk down to street and have dinner out. This decision turned out to be best. After dinner while returning, something struct me. Something clicked as i saw a guy standing at entrance of mall. It was 11.30 Pm of night and i was carrying Canon EOS 550D with 18-55 Kit lens. I took my camera out and clicked a pic, which turned out blurry. Quickly changed my settings and took a challenge to myself to get best shot, “Lets shoot on 18MM for fast aperture possible(f 3.5).”

Boy on the street

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